We offer a full furniture removals service

"move house in a day!"

One of our removal vehiclesWhether you are moving home or relocating your business we have the people and equipment to make your move a breeze.We can deliver to any location, no matter how awkward! Our removals service is complemented with our state-of-the-art Furniture/goods lifting equipment. No space is too small or too inaccessible!

We handle all household and business removals:

  • Between Malta and Gozo
  • Malta to Malta
  • Gozo to Gozo
For International removals and freight services please check out our International Relocations services

Goods / Furniture Elevator Service

FeaturesTrailer elevator in use Modular Lift
  • Reaches up 7 stories (24.5m)
  • Max weight per lift of 250Kg
  • Assembled on site
  • Fits in the tightest spaces
  • Efficient and Professional
  • Safe & Silent

    Combine this option with your removals service