Goods & Furniture Lifting Service

We offer clients flexible lifting services. No space is too small as you can see in the images below. We use two types of lift - Modular & On-Trailer.

Our lifts are ideally used when access is limited or simply to lift safely and efficiently

Modular elevator

The compact modular elevator can be used inside buildings, inner courtyards, internal stairwells, back yards, gardens or any other location where the elevator On-Trailer cannot access.

Examples of awkward locations (click images to view slide show)

  • modular_00_500
  • modular_01_500
  • modular_02_500
  • modular_03_500
  • modular_04_500
  • modular_05_500
  • modular_06_500
  • modular_07_500
  • modular_08_500
  • modular_09_500
  • modular_10_500
  • modular_11_500
  • modular_12_500
  • modular_13_500

Bulky items (e.g. sofas or wardrobes) are difficult or impossible to fit into a narrow stair well, passenger lift or through a narrow doorway.  Using our elevators delivery can be made via a window, balcony or simply via the roof.

Trailer elevator

  • lifter_03_500
  • lifter_04_500
  • lifter_05_500
  • lifter_06_500
  • lifter_08_500
  • lifter_app01_500
  • lifter_app02_500
  • lifter_app03_500
  • lifter_app04_500

A further advantage of this service is that any risk of damage to the items, or to internal corridors, stairwells and lifts,  is reduced.

We can lift items in the restrictive spaces, such as narrow alleys.

Forklift & Heavy Goods

  • forklift01_500
  • forklift02_500
  • forklift03_500
  • forklift04_500
  • forklift05_500
  • forklift06_500
  • forklift07_500
  • forklift10_500
  • heavy_goods_500