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  • Aeroplane landingAir Freight Service

    If it's a time-sensitive shipment, perishable item(s) or live animal(s) our air-freight service is usually the best solution. We can move anything from a single document to machinery within specified time-frames.

    Due to it's geographical location, Malta is the ideal stepping stone for trans-shipments between Europe and North Africa.

    • module paperDepartures to and from Malta are available daily.
    • This service is also available for exporting and importing pets.

    Packaged goods



    Contact us with your specific requirements.

  • Cargo shipSea Freight

    Groupage Service

    If you only have a crate or a couple of pallets you can always share space in one of our containers through our groupage containers. We service any destination worldwide.

    Full Load Service

    A full-load container has always been a solution for the business person importing and/or exporting goods.Equally, if you are relocating your home or business this is usually the ideal choice.

    Stacked containers

    • Departures are available WEEKLY
    • Shipping to/from Australia, Canada and USA are among our most frequent requests.
    • Through this service, we offer import and export at very competitive prices.
    Contact us for more information and/or a quotation.
  • Road Trailer Groupage Service

    Road Trailer offers the best compromise between cost and transit time.

    Gozo express Curtain-side vehicle

    Departures are available weekly with excellent transit times to main European destinations.

    Subsequent to our accession to EU we can virtually reach any EU destination by road within days. Trailers leave Malta by ferry to Italy, from there on they proceed though mainland Europe by road.

    Apart from being a very reliable service we also offer very good rates. Temperature controlled transport to Europe is also available.

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