Customs Clearance

customs iconMountains of paperworkWe provide customs clearance and release. We handle all customs releated procedures and documentation for goods coming from both the EU and the rest of the World.

Crossing to Malta (from Gozo) to perform customs clearance and release will take a whole day for anyone residing in Gozo. It was this idea that lead us to offer this kind of service. We can prepare all the relevant customs documentation for goods imported from non EU countries. Our experience in the field will ensure speedy clearance from customs. This service includes compliance with the relevant authorities involved.

If goods are arriving from the EU, we can also compile the Intrastat documentation for NSO compliance.

What is Intrastat ?

Intrastat is the system for collecting statistics on the trade in goods between European Union (EU) member states. The supply of services is excluded from Intrastat.

In addition to goods that have been bought and sold, Intrastat also covers goods that have moved between EU countries for other reasons.