Gozo Express Services provides both Local and International services

  • clockWe're all about time!

    Local Door to Door Courier Services

    Our core business is the professional Courier Service that we run between Malta and Gozo (and vice versa).

    We strive to minimise transit times with several daily runs. The first run leaves Gozo early in the morning so that consignments collected from Gozo on the previous evening are delivered as early as possible. Meanwhile our staff in Malta are already collecting the consignments for Gozo.

    We also offer collections and deliveries from Malta to Malta and also from Gozo to Gozo.

    Courier Van & lifter

    Unlike our competitors we cover ALL Malta daily, i.e. we do not have specific days for any particular location. Valletta is also part of our daily route.

    Although Comino is only inhabited by few people, and residents at the Comino Hotel, we also cater for this island.

    Our service is not available on weekends or public holidays as a standard service. However it is available upon request *

    This local service is also complemented with a goods payment service. If you purchased something over the phone and you need to pay it on collection consider it done. On the other hand if you are sending goods to one of your customers and need payment collect for your goods we can take care of that too. * Terms and conditions apply.

    We also offer an exclusive High up Lifter service. We can deliver goods directly to a high level apartment or offices without the need of access through doorways and staircases!

  • AeroplaneOur International Door to Door Courier service

    We also provide delivery of documents and packages TO and FROM any destination worldwide.

    With a transit time of approximately 24 hours to European Union, 36 hours to non EU destination within Europe and 72 hours to the rest of the world, we are currently connecting Gozo to the rest of the world like never before.

    Packages ready to be courieredBookings for collection of documents and parcels from abroad are also accepted.


  • Letters of Recommendation!

    Here is a small sample of recent recommendations we have received following a service delivery:

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    • CASH or equivalent
    • Live animals
    • Firearms or ammunition
    • Hazardous materials
    • Any other goods prohibited by Law

    We do carry the goods marked with an star if notified as these may require special handling. E.g. Hazardous Cargo has to be carried on the Gozo Ferry on a special trip designated for Hazardous Cargo only.

    Although we do handle perishable items like FLOWERS, TREES, PLANTS, FOOD and the like, It is the clients responsibility to advise the mode and temperature required for carriage.

    Kindly refer to our standard terms & conditions of carriage. INCLUDE PHOTO OF THE REFRIDGERATED VEHICLE